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We Are Celebrating Small Business Season

It’s Small Business Season!

From October 31–December 31st, we’re celebrating Small Business Season™. UCDA is encouraging every personof our community to support friends and neighbors by shopping,dining, and exploring our small businesses. Small Businesses Are a Big Deal to Union County.

Small business made up over 60% of all new jobs this year and yet they face many challengesfrom rising costs to filling vacancies. Plus, according to JP Morgan Chase, “The median small business holds (only) 27 cash buffer days in reserve. Half of all small businesses hold a cash buffer of less than one month. Moreover, 25% of small businesses hold fewer than 13 cashbuffer days in reserve.” That means over 50% of small businesses wouldn’t last over a month on their reserves.

They need our help, and we need theirs. On average, $68 of every $100 spent locally stays in our community. Most of us turn to small businesses first when we’re seeking help for our nonprofits, youth activities, and sponsorships.

When they thrive, we thrive!

Where you spend your money this holiday season matters. Your money spent at a local small business is your vote to support this community!

Support small businesses by patronizing them and/or

  • Writing reviews

  • Referring friends

  • Checking-in and taking pictures or videos and sharing themon social media when you’revisiting small businesses

  • Sharing small business posts on social media

  • Talking about your favorite businesses on social media

  • Participating in events or fundraisers done by local businesses

Join us and pledge to support local this holiday season. Shopping small can make a bigdifference.

If you’re a small business, visit the Small Business Season website for your free marketing collateral

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